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About us:

Robert Jimenez - Creator, Artist, Author
Alanna Jones - Editor, Art Director

I have been drawing 2-D comics in my notebooks at school since
1997, however being a geeky 12 year old most of them were
about Pokémon and Final Fantasy VII. Now my comics have taken
up a new flavor and I will enjoy posting them online for all
to enjoy.

Without the help of my girlfriend Alanna, however, these \
comics would be gathering dust on a shelf or worse, being
recycled into post consumer waste toilet paper. If you get
but a chuckle out of just one comic, then I’ve done my job.

The name 2-D comics comes from my original drawings in middle
school. We are not biting off any other webcomic, it has
always been the name and the hyphen makes it unique. We are
a non-profit website that operates only to entertain. If
for any reason you would like to contact us, please email us
at twoDcomics@gmail.com